Curious Creator Club

Art club for age 5- 7

Membership Description

Curious Creator Club is a year long club that aims to bring studio quality art activities into your home.  

Creativity is such a important trait for our children to continue to thrive in this rapidly evolving world that we are residing in. We want to build up young children's ability to think out of the box and gift them the creative and artistic experience from young. So why not make creative habits a part of your child's day-to day life? Why not bring Art and creative habits into your house?

"But I am not artistic!" You say.. and you wonder how?

Did you know that I have worked with over hundreds of children age 5-7 since 2014, and I have NEVER needed to demonstrate or touch up children's artwork before it leaves the studio? This shows that art education is NOT about getting children to copy US! You parents don't need to be artists to be able to work creatively with your child. Want to know my secret?

.... well, I have got you parents!  I am sharing all my know-how in "Curious Creator Club". In this online membership, I am excited to share tried and tested methods and curriculum that I use in my studio with you so that you can craft your very own art experiences with your children! You get to learn and grow together with your children too!

Our Curriculum

Character building through Art

Teach your young child to copy cartoon drawing, you are telling them the answer is always in someone else’s drawing, not the real world. Hold your child’s hand to draw, you tell them not to trust their own. Draw dotted lines for your child to trace, you teach them to look for dotted lines instead of looking right at their subjects. Our teaching techniques focus on building confidence before building techniques. Let’s teach our children how to trust their own eyes, their hands and their heart first. A confident child can learn ANYTHING and KNOWS deeply that they can find the answer. 

Age Appropriate 

Stop using our child’s hands to create art. Stop telling your child where their hands need to go. Stop attempting to control their tiny hands.  Our curriculum focuses on building age appropriate themes and contexts that allow children to express and make sense of their world. Art making is a safe sand box for young children to try out and express their thoughts.  Let’s allow our children to grow up at their own pace, stop rushing them to grow up and doing complicated landscape art before they are ready. Let’s give our children the space they deserve to be a child. Let them show us the way. 

Multi- medium

We believe that a curious learner learns best. Nothing kills learning faster than boredom. At our academy, art mediums are used to support our children’s curiosity. The early exposure to various mediums allow children to build adaptability from a young age. They learn to approach art with an open mind, accept challenges and practise curiosity towards their mediums.  With a vast variety of medium projects to choose and learn from, your child will never get bored or deterred from learning Art. Look forward to charcoal, acrylic painting, collage, watercolours, mix media etc... We believe by leading the art sessions through exploration, we teach children about creativity and resilience. ( Say goodbye to copying childish drawings like other online classes. )

The Art of Observation

You can't draw what you can't see. Our curriculum is grounded in observations. We designed exercises that will help children learn how to trust their eyes from a young age. 

Space Holding

Children learn better when they know they have done it themselves. Our job as an adult is to hold space for them to be brave enough to take the next unknown step, not to take it for them.  Great artists don’t necessarily make great teachers. So instead of trying to be a great artist, let’s focus on being a great learner. Allow our children to see us trying and failing and picking ourselves up. Hold space for them to dare to fail. Because every failure brings us closer to our goals. Resilience is built through failures not success. In our membership, I will share with you how I hold space and what you can do for your own child.  In addition, our curriculum is built to be so flexible that you can paint and learn together with your child. Create right beside your child! What’s more powerful? Showing them resilience and a growth mindset, or telling them about it? 

Why Curious Creator Club?

Unique benefits of Curious Creator Club

You get full control of the learning pace, schedule and time. No need to beat the traffic and no more wasted time travelling.

Our unique philosophy and methodology focuses on Art as a tool to help your child build confidence.  

We believe experiential learning is the way for our children to learn how to trust themselves. 

We have been in the arts education industry since 2014. Our curriculum is tried and tested.

We use these very same lessons in our studio and have seen children become wildly confident in drawing and creating. 

We partner with you in crafting the perfect home art education for your child. You will get instant access to a community where you can ask questions and learn from other parents and child partnerships.

Unlike other online courses or youtube videos, you get to submit you and your child's artwork to be critiqued by our resident teacher monthly.

We will also be conducting bi-monthly art jams for parents to unwind, learn and take time to take care of ourselves! (Yes, you need to take care of your creative energy too!)

What will I get in the Curious Creator Club?

Extensive Project Library

Instant access to a growing library of projects of various mediums

Facilitation Content

All projects come complete with information and tips for facilitating and customising lessons for different children.

Teaching Content

We've got you covered. You can always count on us for our demonstration videos if you find yourself needing some examples and more help for your child!

Multiple Access Point

Access across multiple devices just using the app. You can access the membership platform on demand anytime and anywhere.


Acess to private community where you can get your questions answered as well as professional feedback on your child's artwork!

Private Event just for Parents!

Connect with our teacher via our bi-monthly online ZOOM art jam for a creative time out and recharge session Make yourself a nice beevy, chill, paint and chat with our teacher! 

A Sneak Peek inside our Membership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Curious creator Club caters to art learning for children aged 5- 7. This membership is a year long membership for the modern parents who believes in the importance of providing a holistic and creative art education for their children.

If you are a parent who is hands-on and adventurous, this membership club is definitely for you. Expect lots of interaction between you and your child and expect to learn together with your child.

No, this is not a course. Courses are short term. We believe that creativity needs to be honed long term. Creativity is a lifestyle choice. It does not exist as one singular artwork, rather in an environemnt that promotes and encouarges curious creations. In order for us children to grow, they need to repeatedly experience the creation process. That's why we created teh subscription model to ensure that families have instant access to meaningful art activities suitable for their very young children.

No more long hours researching for the right activity, no tiring research to understand the right materials. Just access all this information right at your fingertips.

Children age 5-7 are not built to sit and learn passively in front of a screen. You probably already know that. Live interactions are what they need. They need to move, play, fall and discover this world through all their senses.

I have tried it before and the results were children getting distracted, running around, not able to see the demostrations. And eventually they lose interest.

On the contrary, I am encouraging you to use what I have created to support you, in building an art experience that help connect your children to their own experiences and environment! Nobody knows your child better than you! So who best to curate and customise their art experiences than you? Our membership provides you with the demonstrations, teachings and know-how. You hold space for your child through conversation making and facilitating their curiosity!

Of course you can. The internet is flooded with lots of information. Chances are, you can find versions of what we are teaching. Heck, you could even just head over to Utter Studio facebook page and look at our children's outcomes. However, it is not just about the artwork and outcomes. It is the facilitation that makes all the difference. And youtube content creators sure as hell are not interested in helping you customise their content to work with your child.

So instead of you are sitting in front of your computer or your phone surfing through endless videos, each one not quite meeting your requirement, why not let me do the hard part, and you just enjoy the working and learning together with your child part?

Is playing with your child time consuming?

What if making art is just as fun as playing with your child?

In this creator's club, you get to manage your own schedule! I recommend setting aside 1-1.5 hours each week for an art session. Showing up consistently and making time for the together time, helps build a routine and teaches your child to look forward to creating with you.

This club is meant to be flexible and adapted to your own unique family schedule.

Don't worry. We have got you covered.

Our projects starts off with
1) helping parents understand the objectives of the class, the materials needed, possible alternatives, as well as what to say and how to prompt your child during the art sessions.
2) Demonstrations that are suitable for you to watch together with your child during creation time

If you feel confident enough, you could attempt to faciliate without our demonstration videos and instead focus on talking with your child while they are creating. I will share tips for parents who are keen to try that too!

There are a couple of ways
1) You can submit their work within the project assigments
2) Monthly critiques, selected works will be featured and discussed

Unfortunately there is no refund policy. You will get access for the full month even if you choose to cancel way before your subscription ends.

Absolutely, however, you will need to be clear whenever submitting your works on the platform. :)

However, please take care of our online academy and refrain from sharing teaching content outside as we are a small business and depend on everyone's contribution to be able to continue upgrading and providing you with the best content possible. We hope you take care of us and protect us too.

Shoot us an email at

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